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Smith Institute for Applied Research disseminates its research through final reports, executive summaries, and periodicals including the annual Smith Institute magazine, and a biannual newsletter. Check-out Smith Institute At-a-Glance!

Recent Publications

ciq-thumbnail         newsletter-metacognitive-factors               Smith Institute Newsletter Winter 2015

05-12-15-URG-CoverLet There Be Light coverFamily, School and Community Partnerships: A Framework for Success

Past Publications

Smith-Institute-News-Fall-2014Final Report on the Qualitative Study of Community Opinions on Parental Engagement in the Schools of Charlotte, North Carolina's Northwest Corridor was disseminated March 2014 to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools's Superintendent Heath Morrison and JCSU President Dr. Ronald CarterThis issue of Smith Institute News highlights the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's visit to Johnson C. Smith University to speak with Innovo Laboratory Scholars and Innovo Supporters about their interest in attending JCSU and why they are involved in the program. This issue of Smith Institute, the periodical highlights the 2012 Cohort of Smith Institute Funded Pilot Summer Research. Cover Smith Institute News Fall 2013Cover Smith Institute Magazine Fall 2011Cover Smith Institute Magazine Fall 2010Dr.-Priest's-Research

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Anthology Featured on Charlotte Talks 

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